Respawn Is Ending All New Sales of Titanfall, Removing it From Subscription Services Later

After seven years, Respawn is finally ending all new sales of the first Titanfall game starting today. Titanfall will also be removed from subscription-based services on March 1, 2022. However, any players who've already purchased Titanfall will still have access to live servers. Despite the removal, Respawn insisted that Titanfall is part of the company's … Read more

Halo Infinite is getting monthly perks on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, including XP boosts

Microsoft has revealed the full December lineup for Xbox Game Pass and, believe it or not, there’s more here than just the Halo Infinite campaign. There are also Halo Infinite XP boosts. The new videogame lineup is robust, especially on PC, but it’s those XP boosters that are particularly eye-catching, as players look for new … Read more

Titanfall is getting delisted from stores today, but you’ll still be able to play

Titanfall, Respawn’s brilliant multiplayer game about jumping into giant fighting robots, will no longer be available for sale after today. The studio says it’s decided to delist Titanfall, and that it’ll be disappearing from subscription services on March 1 2022. Fortunately, everyone who already owns the game will still be able to play. “Titanfall is … Read more

The best webcams in 2021

Webcams have proven to be priceless portals to the outside world throughout the ongoing pandemic, enabling you to work from home while prompting more people to livestream on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook than ever before. You can do a lot better than the built-in lens on the best gaming laptop, tablet, or smartphone, however, as a … Read more